Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gaming groups, care and feeding of.

No, not literal snacks and stuff, although I could post a recipe for fried cheerios this week...
But, I digress. Tomorrow, we'll be hosting the first game night here at the Abyss. Apparently the former gaming venue has become unsuitable, and as they wanted us in, it was all-around easier for me to say "Sure, c'mon over!" Not to mention that even if I'm unwell, I can sit on my own couch and game without having to worry about going out. At any rate, I'm excited. Moonies are gregarious animals, after all, and I'm usually cooped up here by myself.

Little sketches of the gamers I know for certain are coming.

The GM:
Has known the Troll practically since puberty. Brash, crass, obnoxious, and a complete sweetie. Reminds me muchly of el hubbito. Has some interesting ideas of how this game is going to go, and I must say I'm looking forward to living in his mind.
The Other Chick:
Reminds me of another girl gamer I know, but not as prim. She and I get along swimmingly, and it's nice to have another girl as gross as I am, or can be.
The Enigma:
Tall, dark, easy to look at. That's about all I know right now, other than his name, as he's not a real big talker. Yet. I'm willing to bet he'll open up more once he gets to know us.

+Moonies and the Troll makes 5.

Squee! The new Dax Riggs album, We Sing of only Blood or Love came out on tuesday. I bought it. You should too.

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