Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Down at the Protest

Or something like that.
Went down to the courthouse this morning to participate in a protest. "Oh, nothing new, Moonie!" Yeah, I know. But this one was a little different. A friend's brother is in jail for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.
Ah, I see your puzzled look, your "Well, shouldn't he be?" The answer is no, he shouldn't. He responded to an ad on, an ad that claimed that a lonely 18-year-old gal in a nearby town was looking for a guy to hook up with. He did, they did, and then later found out that this gal was only 15. How did he get caught? She used the computer AT SCHOOL to post an ad on AT SCHOOL. And they only found out when they finally reviewed her usage account.
Here are my questions:
1.) How did she manage to do this at school? I know for a fact that school officials usually have safeguards in place to prevent this kind of thing. My 14-year-old niece's middle school uses Net Nanny and Surf Safe, for instance. My mother taught evening college courses in a room at a local NH high school, and the college students couldn't even access Gmail without encountering the "restricted site" message.
And why wasn't she caught before she had managed to solicit sex from 10, yes that's TEN men over the age of 19?
2.) Where did she get the credit card needed to use I checked it out when I heard about this, and you can post a profile for free, but you can't see any replies, or post any messages without them having a credit card on file.
3.) Where were her parents? *Insert the usual rant about parents not paying attention to their children's computer usage here*
4.) It must have taken some several months to accomplish this feat, so why did it take the school so long to figure it out? And don't give me the "summer break" argument. If they knew about his before summer break, why didn't they notify the authorities then?
5.) What penalties is she facing? Using school computers to visit adult sites, a minor soliciting sex from adults, credit card fraud, anything?

To her:
Was it worth it, honey? Was the sex good enough to justify ruining 10 men's lives by getting them branded with the stigma of being sex offenders for the rest of their lives? Can you live with that? Are you nice and proud of yourself that you got a 20-year-old guy thrown in jail and facing 10 years for a little slap and tickle? I hope so. Oh, and by the way, we plan on attracting a bunch of publicity on this. So, I hope it was really good and worth the reputation this is going to get you.

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