Wednesday, July 16, 2014


It has seriously been like, YEARS.

No matter, I can always start again.

So.  I'm back in NH, I am divorced, and I felt like blogging again.  Yep.

I knit now.  I'm a lacto-veg now.  I live in a faboo apartment 3 blocks from my downtown.  I work 3rd shift at an answering service.  I have 2 cats and a Diablo 3 (xbox) addiction.

I live with and love a person with mental illness.  It's tough, but he's worth it.  Herein, I shall refer to him as mon cher.

I will try to blog weekly with more hints and tips for the poor and paranoid!


I just scrubbed my stovetop.  It's normally mon cher's job to do the balance of the housework, since he doesn't work outside the house.  Of late, he's had a bit of a rough patch, a setback of sorts.  This, if you are not familiar with living with mental illness, is a regular part of our lives.  We take it one day at a time, and I help out as much as I can when I am not working or dead to the world.
The housework has suffered.  It happens.  I think he had given up the stovetop for a lost cause, because it was...gleurgh.  Bleagh?  Not even my trusty bottle of Earring-guy orange cleaner touched it.  Elbow grease was on the menu.  I discovered in my scrounging about the house that we were out of liquid-creamy bleachy stuff that allows you to scrub softly.  To the Intarwubs!!  578,692 recipes to make your own not-hard cleansing creme.
Full of 578,692 ingredients I don't have.  Cuz I'm poor.
But I have baking soda.
And a wet rag.
Et Voila.
Wet rag+baking soda+elbow grease (and not much of that, for real) = Stovetop even an Italian mother couldn't sneer at.

Now...about that floor.

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