Friday, May 18, 2007

Holy Cops, Batman!

So, driving to Ye Olde Shoppe this morning, there's a detour. Wha? And then, I begin to notice a plethora of official vehicles. From all over. Hmmm...I wonder what's up? Upon recieving a request from Bossu-rady for a change run, I walk to the bank. Which is right next to the Legislative Office Building (LOB). And encounter hot-and-cold running cops in their dress uniforms. There is literally a WALL O' COP surrounding the State House and the LOB. There's flags and podiums on the lawn of the LOB, and spectators, and cops. Not to mention dignitaries, weirdos, and cops. Oh, and there were cops. I don't just mean town cops. I mean town, podunk, state, feds, village and purchase constables, sherrify-types, a gaggle of MA staties, and a couple that I'm pretty certain were Mounties (red uniforms).

Horses and puppies and Smokeybearhats, oh my!

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