Friday, March 9, 2007


So, it has finally come to March. The month that haunts my existence. The month where traditionally it All Goes Wrong for me. All job-losing, health crises, major marital fights, and life-altering crapulence happens in March. It's mind-boggling. This month, so far, has been fairly...benign! Color me utterly astonished, but the normal beginning-of-the-year crapfest didn't wait until March this year, but started in January. Now that it's passed on through, everything's fairly ordinary. I'm peacefully doin' ma thang here at the herb shop, hubberooni is working the rent-a-cop job third shift and liking it OK, the cat eats, sleeps, poops, plays and snuggles, the niece and nephew are cute, the sister is fairly pleasant, the parents are parents.

OK, SO not complaining. This is the first March in 8 years that life has been livable, thank you Goddess.

And now: Craft-o-the Week!
Bed Sachets
2 7"x5" rectangles of fabric. I like to use one of calico and one of something nice and fuzzy, like polarfleece. Works really awesome as an eye-pillow!
rice OR buckwheat hulls OR flax seeds
4 tablespoons each of dried:
rose petals

Cut 2 7"x5" rectangles of fabric. sew right sides together, leaving a 1.5" opening for turning and stuffing. Turn.

mix your dried flowers together, and roll a piece of printer paper into a cone shape with a largeish opening at the tip. Tuck the tip of the cone into the pillow to use as a funnel for filling the pillow. Remember, you want this to be fairly loose, more like a beanbag than an actual pillow, so don't overstuff! Alternate pouring scoops of rice/buckwheat hulls/flax seeds and flower mix into the pillow, and stitch the opening shut.

TaaaaDaa! Enjoy!

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